Abraham Hamadeh For AZ AG – https://www.abeforag.com/ Abe is also Trump Endorsed .

Link to Trump Endorsement – https://www.abeforag.com/endorsements

Abe is a Veteran and Prosecutor.

Blake Masters for AZ US Senate– https://www.blakemasters.com/ Blake is also Trump Endorsed.

Link to Trump Endorsement – https://www.donaldjtrump.com/news/news-djyreqf7b22098

Blake is also endorsed by Marjorie Taylor Greene – https://valiantnews.com/…/marjorie-taylor-greene…/

Mazzie Boyd for MO State House district 2- https://www.mazzieformissouri.com/

Mazzie is a Former Trump White House aide running against a RINO incumbent.

Credentials -Trump White House, Executive Assistant , Trump 2020 Campaign , War Room Analyst, Communications Assistant Congressional Office of Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Timothy L. Brentlinger for Ohio Central Committee – https://brentlingerforohio.com/

Tim is an Army Veteran – Tim is running for a party position that effects official endorsements. Particularly in Ohio the party went rogue and issued the presidential endorsement to John Kasich , Tim wants to help make sure that the establishment is never allowed to do that again in Ohio.

Robert May for Congress MA-6 – https://www.may4congress.com/

May is a Maga Patriot stepping up to run in a blue state , he has won his primary this is a general election endorsement. Lets Flood the polls for him in November and flip that seat.

Kevin Alan For CT LT Gov : https://kevinalanforlg.com/

Kevin is a Maga Patriot stepping up to run in a blue state. Kevin is a highly qualified candidate and has previously served as a state legislature. Kevin will also use his public platform to be a voice for the America First movement as well as motivating CT voters to support president Trumps 2024 run. Link to endorsement interview with Kevin : https://rumble.com/v1bojq9-veterans-for-america-first…

Olivia Angel for GA House District 39 – https://www.voteoliviaangelhd39ga.com/ – Olivia is a legal immigrant who believes in the America First Platform and will work to reduce crime and support local law enforcement in this district.

* Thankyou to VFAF Ambassador Theresa Shen for the graphics.

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