*** Lauren Boebert Invites Veterans For America First to the home of county music star John Rich ***

VFAF endorsed candidate Lauren Boebert personally invited VFAF’s Stan and Donna Fitzgerald to the home of John Rich in Nashville.  Rich literally laid out the red carpet leading from the front gates to the home where he displayed his car previously owned by Burt Reynolds and used in films in the driveway. 

The couple were invited to a rooftop party with Rich who was wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon” T-Shirt , Lauren Boebert , Andy Ogles , Dana Loesch and other well-known political and celebrity figures were in attendance. The view of the city was stunning and also offered a look at the guitar pool below.

 The reclusive Chris Barret gun creator was a special guest. A couple from Texas paid $30K at auction to attend a future party and smoke cigars with Barret with proceeds going to help re-elect Lauren.  The United States Army recognized the Barrett .50-caliber M107® rifle as one of the “Top Ten Greatest Inventions“ for the soldiers in performing their mission.

The Party then took the elevator down to the 3rd floor for a private concert where Rich performed hits of his own and Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. Rising Country Star Kayley Green blew the crowd away signing the star-spangled banner.  Boebert and Rich took a video with the Fitzgeralds where after a Lets Go Brandon Lauren Joke adding  “ Two Words ”

The entire live event from the Rich Home concert floor was FB live streamed on Stan Fitzgerald’s personal Facebook page , other short clips and segments will be uploaded to the VFAF Vet Voice channel in the coming days.

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Stan Fitzgerald

VFAF Chief Political Advisor


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