VFAF is a national non-partisan civil liberties grassroots organization. The organization was established by U.S. Military combat veterans and works in conjunction with veteran service organizations, nonprofits, corporate sponsors, and government agencies. The primary directive of Veterans for America First is to provide voice, support, and advocacy for veterans, first responders, and patriots who believe in America First principles. The goal is to reverse the degradation of the culture on both local and national levels through honest conversation, policy, and community engagement. 

Veterans For America First Ambassador Tana Goertz Rally for VFAF endorsed candidates May 2022. Goertz is an American businesswoman, inspirational speaker, business consultant and author with a record of proven results. Tana’s business acumen has saved her clients in excess of $600 million USD. Tana became a household name and a TV personality when she was the runner-up on both NBC hit shows, “The Apprentice” & “Reality Stars Fear Factor.” Tana showed the world watching that Fear was NOT a Factor for her. She was one of the first hires on the Donald J. Trump for President campaign in 2015 where she served as Donald Trump’s original HYPE girl as well as being a national TV spokesperson and senior advisor to him. She played a critical role as one of the key strategists for most of the battleground states. Due to her winning record and HUGE win in Iowa she was re-hired for her leadership, trusted advisory and forward-thinking tactics as part of President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.  

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW ALERT – watch Joe Kent, the Trump-endorsed, Green Beret Candidate for Washington State’s District 3 Congressional Seat Make this Historic Interview. Joe, who served 11 tours, and lost his wife to a suicide bomber in Syria, is the very brand of leader America calls for today.

What started out as possibly a 20-minute interview turned into a 2-hour course in America’s past, present, and future. Joe’s knowledge and passion come through as you’ve never seen any candidate express before. A virtual course in MAGA politics, Joe’s depth, breadth, and reach of knowledge are stunning. If you ever watched only a single long-form in-depth political interview, this is the one to take in.