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America First refers to a policy stance in the United States that generally emphasizes nationalism and non-interventionism. The roots of America First policies can be traced to Thomas Jefferson, who promoted the Embargo Act of 1807, and later the Non-Intercourse Act under James Madison, against Britain and France. The isolationist purpose of the acts was to resist the impressment of Americans to serve on foreign warships. (Wikipedia)

Here is our Platform – our “10 planks” : 

100% dedication to Remember The Forgotten Americans, our working class which has been left behind for the past 30 years and more. We will remove from government and the halls of power anything and anyone that abandons our people, obstructs the benefit of their work, transfers their job opportunities out of our country, reduces the security of their lives or that of our nation, or betrays the integrity of our institutions and faith as a people. For too long, our government has served the interests of too few at the expense of too many. Once again, the American government will serve all Americans.

100% commitment to the Rule Of Law, one law for all, a nation of laws, not of persons. To every American, no matter race, nationality, religion, gender orientation or socio-economic position, and most especially, for all who are incapable of demanding justice for themselves, we shall offer fair and equal justice under the law. No longer will any entity or individual in our government be allowed to select winners and losers in America through the manipulation of power or selection of which laws apply. Greed, corruption, prejudice or favors have no place in our justice system. The Rule of Law in this country is our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and the laws made by our Congress and our individual state legislatures. Each and every American must respect and abide by our laws.

100% focus on American Jobs. Every policy, every regulation, every trade deal, every law, and the spirit of all we do demands that we unrelentingly focus on jobs. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. The full might and power of our government must be targeted to support job creation and the return of jobs previously shipped abroad. We will retrain our workers, rebuild our factories, reclaim the technologies we invented, the manufacturing of products we originated, and the markets we created. Countries and corporations the world over have benefited from our creations for the last time. We will STOP doing everything that suppresses or removes our jobs and make America work again, placing the economic welfare of Americans first.

100% allegiance to the Quality Of Life For Every American. This dictates the safety of our water and the economic integrity of our heartland; that we serve the weak, the impoverished and all hardworking patriotic Americans instead of protecting the corrupt and the mighty. This commitment necessitates rebuilding our roads and highways, our bridges and our schools, our airports and harbors, our subways and our railroads, utilizing the finest technology available, making them safe, efficient, beautiful, and profitable. Healthcare and insurance coverage are huge aspects of our people’s quality of life. Insurance coverage must be transferred to the free market, monopoly powers torn down and state border restrictions obliterated, removing the corrupt bond between that industry and Congress. Free market competition has served every other aspect of American life. Released to heal the delivery of health insurance and the healthcare it covers, the same effects are certain to result. We can never again allow corruption and monopoly protections to threaten our health or our ability to afford care. When the costs of hospital care and prescription drugs fall, we will absolutely make America healthy again.

100% resolve to Heal Our Cities. It is time to take our cities back from the criminals on the streets, the gangs and drug dealers, the violent protesters and looters, the corrupt politicians and all those who game the system for personal advantage, and provide safety to every American city dweller. Repression and blight are no longer tolerable. Action is required to make economic, educational and family life values strong and stable. This is the moment to transform decades of deterioration and violence into vibrant productivity and growth, development and innovation. During the campaign, candidate Trump asked city dwellers, “What the hell do you have to lose?” The power controlling our cities has betrayed and abandoned those it was supposed to serve. Our entire city strategy has been completely wrong for many decades. The result has been dissension, division and destruction in the various communities that comprise our cities. This trend ends now. We are ready to make every house, block, neighborhood, school, playground, and park in our cities safe and beautiful. Let pride replace fear. The principles required to make America great again are the same as those needed to make our cities great again.

We will Build The Wall. This is more than a 100% promise. It is what America deserves. Legal American citizens are 100% competent to perform every form of work needed by our economy. We refuse the corrupt idea that illegal immigration is required to harvest our crops, mow our lawns, clean our homes or care for our children. The wall stands as a concrete representation of our rejection of crime, corruption or capitulation. Further, we happily welcome and embrace the best and the brightest contributors from other lands in lawful immigration. We are a nation of legal immigrants. That is our past, and we choose to reestablish it as our present and future.

We will Make America Wealthy Again. American wealth is the result of the indomitable determination, irrepressible creativity and tireless labors of our great people. Americans of every race, creed, and political outlook deserve respectful support for their endeavors. Every decision, every action, should be guided by concern for the economic stability and wealth of our hardworking citizens. This informs lower income taxes for all Americans, as well as businesses and corporations, while lessening the burdens we have placed on them for decades. In making America once again the greatest nation on earth in which to build and grow a business, there are trillions of dollars to repatriate. Let’s manufacture our own products again, from furniture, appliances, and electronics to every form of construction material and consumer goods. The day approaches when America’s businesses thrive again and grow as never before. And Americans will both pocket higher wages and build lasting wealth.

We will Make America Strong Again. With great pride in ourselves and our nation, we bow to no foreign leader nor allow threats from foreign powers to go unanswered. We stand for what is right and never back down to any evil, challenge, or attack. We are strengthening our military so that no power on Earth might ever imagine confronting us successfully. Our military requires the most effective, up-to-date and safest possible equipment to complete their mission, as well as clear mandates and rules of engagement. It is long past time that we root out all corruption and waste and judge every policy and program solely by its contribution to our nation’s strength and security. Also, facilitating the physical and mental health of our great veterans and their successful return to civilian life is beyond necessary. Embracing veterans as vital members and leaders of our communities is a privilege and a responsibility that all Americans share. Further, among today’s greatest threats to our safety is Radical Islamic Terrorism. Across the globe, those who would impose their vision of coercion and control upon us are now on notice. America pursues evil to the ends of the earth. No arsenal frightens us, no threat steals our peace, and no evil prevails against us.

We will Make America Safe Again. We commit to live safely once again in our cities, towns, and neighborhoods. Law enforcement officers, first responders, and caregivers with their superior tactical and professional skills, provide the dedicated and specialized assistance society requires. But they alone cannot provide safety for Americans. We recognize the responsibility to abide by state and federal laws and to support the fair and just enforcement of the same. The bonds which tie every law-abiding American to every other shall never be broken by those who wish to deprive us of our lives, freedom or property. The non-negotiable standard is every street safe, every hour of the day and night. Safety is much more than the peace and confidence it inspires. It is also the intelligent dependence upon those who keep us safe. From the beat cop to the paramedic, from the police chief to the prosecuting attorney, from the public defender to a constitutionally limited judiciary, every adjunct of the law must work effectively and honorably together to protect the innocent from the forces of crime.

​We will Make America Great Again. It is time for self-reflection and a personal accounting. We have greatness within. Our individual greatness is America’s greatness. America’s future depends upon us, her citizens. As we come together to reclaim all that we have lost, to build new and better than ever before, we are asked to contribute all the best we have to give, for that is what Making America Great Again requires. We demand that all leaders and political representatives truly serve our best interests in every law they enact. The American government must be responsive and responsible to us, her citizens. History is arguably the best source of guidance in the present. It teaches how to fulfil our debt of gratitude to our forefathers and, far more importantly, the overarching debt of obligation owed to our descendants. We are the United States of America. We will overcome and Make America Great Again!

To understand our 10 Planks better – watch Joe Kent, the Trump-endorsed, Green Beret Candidate for Washington State’s District 3 Congressional Seat Make this Historic Interview. Joe, who served 11 tours, and lost his wife to a suicide bomber in Syria, is the very brand of leader America calls for today.

What started out as possibly a 20-minute interview turned into a 2-hour course in America’s past, present, and future. Joe’s knowledge and passion come through as you’ve never seen any candidate express before. A virtual course in MAGA politics, Joe’s depth, breadth, and reach of knowledge are stunning. If you ever watched only a single long-form in-depth political interview, this is the one to take in.

As a side-note – ALL of our “planks have been outlined in 2016 by  Pat and Kate Scopelliti in the book titled “America First – The MAGA Manifesto”.

The book is listed in our recommended reading list. To purchase the “MAGA MANIFESTO” click HERE.