We take the best local ideas and scale them Nationally. We serve no interest other then YOU. Along with our allies we have created programs designed to help and empower you every step of the way.


We are working on a no-out-of-pocket expenses program that will allow veterans and first responders purchase new American recycled steel frame construction homes at 70-80% of traditional brick and mortar costs. These homes are fire proof, flood proof, hurricane proof, pest proof, sound resistant and energy efficient.

We are also working on ending Veteran Homelessness through RV donations and a 4-month rehabilitation plan.

NetZero For Heroes couples traditional construction techniques with patented insulation and cladding components to create a building process that provides unparalleled strength, speed and sustainability in the residential and commercial construction industry. 

Our plan is to have 5,000 Homeless veterans of the streets by the end of 2022. If you have RV’s that you would like to donate to our cause outside of Texas or if you would like to be the leader in your community by adopting our process in your state reach out directly to VFAF at 1-833-303-8883 or via their website veteransforamericafirst.org or email [email protected]


We believe veterans not only need jobs - they need meaningful jobs. Even post separation from service - our people want to continue to serve. We connect veterans with best opportunities. To that end we have started a national roster of patriot owned businesses. This venture is it's infancy but we already secured many powerful allies with databases in thousands of listings. We assigned staff to reach out to every single business and establish relationships which will help us facilitate employment opportunities all across the Nation.

We are Business Owners and Patriots. We believe that our freedoms granted to us by God and the Constitution are unassailable and paramount to maintaining and growing our country. We support businesses and individuals who believe in these same values. We are uniting many Patriot and veteran / first responder business networks across the nation into one central data-base and are reaching out to all of them personally to establish flow of operations and affiliate and job opportunities for our veterans and first responders. We want you to be a part of it. Reach out.


The things the community needs is access, education and treatment with all cannabinoids, hormone therapy to include HGH for those with TBI, psychedels, nutrition, and addiction treatment.

AS a part of this thought process we are working on getting umbilical cord pro life stem cells into the VA system.

Our goals for this nonprofit include but are not limited to the following general categories. A. Promoting life and live birth over abortion. B. Promoting the use of umbilical stem cells to work with the body’s natural systems to repair damage and restore health and quality of life. C. Have Board Members from diverse backgrounds, opinions, and philosophies so that we bring together varying opinions on stem cell treatments and evaluate it from all points of view. D. Obtain VA approval for “growth hormone” treatment and eventual stem cell treatment. E. Obtain FDA approval for stem cell treatments. We currently have multiple cases of patients treated with stem cells that have had marked and vast improvement in their quality of life to present as further documentation and/or evidence of the benefits of these treatments.


We have identified lack of community as the major problem that contributes to veteran suicides. We are pioneering a program which will help connect our out-processing military personnel with local faith based institutions in their hometowns. In turn this will allow us to connect the new veterans with our established veteran communities.

The Church in America has lost her central place in much of American culture. The effects can be seen all over from increases in single-parent households to what is acceptable to show in movies to what is being taught in schools and more. The Christian Church needs to take a stand and form a plan for how to increase her cultural footprint in America again.

There is a veteran service organization called Civilian101 that provides that opportunity. In short, they want to give local churches guided conversations and point of contact information for different veteran service organizations that deal with specific issues, then they send vets to the church volunteers so the volunteers can point them towards the resources they need.

This is potentially a game-changer for the church because it creates an institutional pipeline sending veterans of all ages to churches all across America. We can serve our veterans and take care of the needs they have which, by itself, is a form of outreach. Conveniently we can then invite them to any and all church events so they can meet members of the community, help build a Habitat for Humanity house or volunteer with some other Church mission that’s going on as a way for them to be active and thank the Church and volunteers for the help we gave them. All of this creates a positive impression of Christians in the minds of the veterans and plants seeds that could easily lead to them becoming members of the Church, getting saved, or just helping change the perception of the Church in greater American life.