National grassroots civil liberties and social welfare non-profit organization


America First refers to a policy stance in the United States that generally emphasizes nationalism and non-interventionism. The roots of America First policies can be traced to Thomas Jefferson, who promoted the Embargo Act of 1807, and later the Non-Intercourse Act under James Madison, against Britain and France. The isolationist purpose of the acts was to resist the impressment of Americans to serve on foreign warships. (Wikipedia)

Here is where we stand on social issues:

Our military makes great sacrifices to protect our Nation. Veterans are owed world-class health care at the VA or a private provider of their choosing. Veteran Community as a whole needs support in Establishing New Veteran Service Organizations. Veterans want to continue serving their Communities as teachers and mentors. Veterans are the backbone of The Nation. We stand together in solidarity and support with our first responder brothers and sisters. We are in this together.

Peace through Strength in military service and post separation. We believe in preemptive measures. Veterans must unite and establish nationwide private militias that provide training to build up the core spirit for future generations of Americans. We must not forget our History. We were Minutemen.

We believe in Nationalism. Every Country should pursue the best interest of their Citizens. We believe in fair trade. We believe in Justice and Honor and we should only provide aid to allies with shared values. We support Israel. Iran can not be allowed to have nuclear weapons.

We fully support legal merit-based immigration system & border enforcement. Without borders – we don’t have a country. As Veterans we understand this statement better then anyone. Many of the same people we were fighting in the middle east come through our southern borders with no identification. We must stand our ground and protect our borders.

Law, Order & Justice starts with you – The Citizen. We believe the 2nd Amendment right shall not be infringed upon. A weapon in hand is better then a dispatch on the way. That being said – we fully back the Blue. Citizens should  honor and respect our Police Officers. We don’t need to de-fund Police – we need more Police. 

Recently our economy became the envy of the World. The stock market has hit record high after record high. We passed much needed tax cuts and brought back job. This has proven to us that a businessman in the White House is what America needs and Americans deserve.

We believe the Education system is biased. It is hardly an education system anymore, but rather an indoctrination system. We are now seeing the fruits of government-ran education system. We believe in reforming the Department of Education , and providing school choice for parents. Bring back the pledge of Allegiance.

We believe in trade oriented social programs. We want to empower people to get back to work. Work will make our safety net stronger, and preserve programs for those who truly are in need. Educating youth about advantages of living in a Capitalist Country is a MUST.

Our national debt is well above $20 trillion, now is the time to reverse it. We Refuse Globalism and we are proud to be called American Nationalists. 

We are Pro-Life and we are against mandatory vaccinations. We believe umbilical cord stem cell treatments should become mainstream. We believe in private health plans. 

Americans have been fed lies by the left that our country is running out of energy. America’s energy revolution has produced affordable, reliable energy for all of Our Citizens. This also created high-paying jobs for small businesses. And carbon emissions?  They are at their lowest level in 25 years. 

We want to empower communities to modernize the current systems. High-speed rural internet is paramount for creative solutions to infrastructure development. American ingenuity must never be stopped. Gearing education system towards research and development is the key to the Future.