Want to understand the threats to our Republic?

(July 29, 2021) Veterans For America First National Spokesman Tom Speciale has just released his critical report “Inside The FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Strategy: Understanding the threats to our Republic”. This is recommended read for EVERY Veteran and First Responder in our Community:

It is available thru Kindle at this link;

A little about Tom Speciale. Since 1987, he has served on Active Duty or in the Army Reserves at tactical, operational, and strategic levels and continues to serve today in the Army Reserves as a Chief Warrant Officer (CW3). He served in Afghanistan alongside U.S. Special Forces and is well-known as a bulldog when it comes to training and taking care of his Soldiers.

Since 2005, he has served in the military or the intelligence community as a subject matter expert on terrorism and Middle Eastern conflict issues. He is intimately familiar with the mosaic of threats we face across the Middle East and beyond making him an ideal specialist to bring you this critical report. This Critical Report was compiled from public statements made by government officials, official government documents, outside organizations who are trusted authoritative voices as well as publicly available information, including some leaked information specific to the issue of domestic terrorism and extremism.

Many Americans today have lost faith in the U.S. government and see specifically the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as threatening them as opposed to protecting them. Many Americans, the author included, are deeply concerned about potential government overreach and threats to our liberty and freedom, specifically regarding the 1st and 2nd Amendments of the constitution. Unlike the vast majority of those who have lost faith in the government, the author has not, and this report was compiled to help frame the correct conversation, one not driven by political rhetoric or motivated by bureaucratic distortions. The author believes, if we can have this conversation, we can avoid disaster.

This report was approved for release by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence with redactions. The views expressed are the author’s own and do not represent those of the US Government.


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