Three more Washington Examiner articles by VFAF Ambassador Chris Tremoglie

Chris Tremoglie is VFAF Director of Media Relations , his credentials and work should inspire those in the media to reflect his professionalism and integrity.

Christopher Tremoglie graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania where he was a double major in Political Science and Russian and East European Studies. Additionally, he is a member of National Review Institute’s Burke to Buckley Fellowship Program, a member of the Millennial Leadership Network for the American Enterprise Institute, and a George Washington Statesmanship Fellow for Intercollegiate Studies Institute. Currently a journalist, his work has been featured in National Review, Daily Caller, Washington Examiner, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Tremoglie is frequently on various radio and television programs including Fox News and One American News. His work has been shared by U.S. Senator Rand Paul, the House Judiciary GOP, House Republicans, and former President Donald Trump.

Check out these two latest articles:

A California school district uses JEDI techniques to confuse 3-5 year olds about their gender

Why are so many unhinged celebrities so attached to killing babies?

It’s time to retire Pride Month

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