Veterans for America First is officially launching its chaplain corps AKA pastor corps. At VFAF part of our mission is promoting the welfare of veterans and first responders based on our ‘4 Pillars’: Housing, Jobs, Wellness and Faith. The pastor corps project is based on our VFAF fourth pillar of faith.

The corps will bring national awareness to the need of faith for Veterans returning to society and engage in outreach / assistance programs nationwide to help our service members through this process as well as developing our own faith-based assistance programs.

Recently in Virginia VFAF National spokesman Admiral Charles Kubic discussed this project with Eric Trump and the team secured commitments from nationally known pastors; Father James Altman , VFAF Ambassador pastor Mark Burns and VFAF endorsed candidate Pastor Jerone Davison to assist in the operation.

The VFAF Team leading the project will be:

VFAF Ambassador Christopher Prosch – Director of national operations

VFAF Ambassador Craig Hudgins – Director of national coalition

VFAF Ambassador Pastor Patrick Collis – Director of national pastors

VFAF Ambassador YG Nyghtstorm – Director of national outreach

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