Long-Term Strategic Partnership Announced between Veterans For America First, New Journey PAC, and African American Foundation

Autry Pruitt with Julio

(July 31, 2021) Veterans For America First and New Journey PAC and African American Foundation Enter into Long-Term Strategic Partnership

Veterans For America First (VFAF) and New Journey PAC (NJ-PAC) and African American Educational Alliance and Research Foundation (AAF) announced today that they have entered into definitive agreements for a long-term strategic partnership. This partnership is expected to accelerate the growth of the Conservative Values of Americans.  Growth will be achieved by working within many spaces, such as the physical, the digital, the influential, and the media. They will leverage these spaces to connect with Black American Voters, Black Veterans, and Black First Responders, through their joint outreach and educational programs.

Importantly, this partnership will strategically align all three organizations for the long-term, for promoting the America First agenda, strengthening our neighborhood involvement and commitments, educating, and advocating for Veterans and First Responders.

“As a result of this amazing partnership that we have announced today, we are able to provide a unique opportunity for VFAF and its members, volunteers and benefactors. It will enable them all to gain enhanced access to the joint resources of all three organizations” said Vladimir Lemets, Chairman and President of VFAF.

“Our agreement enables us to focus on our core base, that of Black Voters/Veterans/First Responders, while leveraging the combined strength of all three organizations” said Autry Pruitt, Chief Executive Officer of NJ PAC whose original conversation with James Golden, a/k/a Bo Snerdley, led to the birth and amazing growth of New Journey into the powerhouse PAC that you see today.

About VFAF:

VFAF is a national grassroots civil liberties and social welfare non-profit organization, whose primary objectives are promoting the welfare in veterans and first responder communities by advocating for America First Policies emphasized by Thomas Jefferson.  Additionally, they provide education and advocacy as well as support for Veterans and First Responders across the nation.

About New Journey PAC:

NJ PAC is a nationwide organization that operates both in and outside of election cycles.  Their purpose is the realignment of the Black American vote with candidates and issues that support conservative values, and by consequence, help the black community.

About African American Foundation:

AAF is committed to rebuilding high potential communities from within.  They believe in finding and supporting the social Black entrepreneurs across the country to solve the unique problems faced by the most vulnerable.

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