“Veterans for America First” proudly publishes the interview of our esteemed member Julio Martinez, candidate for the mayoral seat in Hialeah and Vietnam veteran, with international journalist Vicky Richter from Germany.

(September 23, 2021) Veterans for America First is honored to introduce the mayoral candidate for Hialeah. Julio is a Army veteran who has served his country his entire life.  He has dedicated his time, energy and heart and soul to upholding true American values and freedom. He is a true hero who will stand up for his country, his family and his faith until his last breath.

Full interview can be watched HERE :

He is one of those very rare people that always gives of himself and never asks for anything in return.

About Julio Martinez:

Julio Martinez is decorated Vietnam Combat Veteran and Devoted Family Man. When asked about his background he humbly said: “I am such a lucky man. I was born in Cuba a son of a seamstress and a bus conductor. Came to the United States of America at age 11 and joined the United States Army during the Vietnam War , became the Battalion Commander’s driver. Got involved in city, state and national politics. Became a Councilman and Mayor and was involved at a high  level Presidential campaigns and got to meet 4 United States of America Presidents. I knew that I was not dreaming when my wife Xiomara and I were sitting in the 5th row in front of the  Whitehouse when Donald Trump was sworn in. God Bless America.” 

August 6th marked the 60th Anniversary of his completion of United States Army basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. He was one of 2 Cuban born soldiers that day. 

He was 18 years old when he fell in love with the United States of America. Julio spent the next 6 years learning about our friends and enemies through different military courses that he was chosen to take and became very efficient with heavy weapons. He was picked to become the Battalion  Commander’s driver.  

“I owe the success that I have achieved in life to General James Lee Erickson during the 18 months that I was with him and the conversations that I had with him and the conversations that were had with other high ranking Officers in the back seat of the 1961 4 door Ford Sedan. I was allowed to listen to all these top secret conversations that I can never reveal.” Julio was given a Top Secret Clearance. 

Several years ago, Julio received a call of a neighbor who was stranded with a flat tire. Julio jumped into action and went to help. In the process of getting the tire changed a reckless driver hit the vehicles and pinned Julio between them. After much time in the hospital, and lots of recovery work, Julio got right back out to helping his community. Y

ou will not find a more dedicated public servant than Julio. He believes in America First ideals and will use them to work to restore transparency in the local government, logical and efficient use of taxpayer funds, and work to help every member of his community, as he always strived to do. 

The primary will occur on November 2, 2021. The general election will occur on November 16, 2021. 

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