‘Veterans For America First’ and ‘Latinos for America First’ renewing their friendship and partnership!

(July 15, 2021) — ‘Veterans For America First’ Executive Board is pleased to reaffirm their friendship and business relations with Latinos for America First.

We are honored to be friends with an amazing group of patriots at Latinos for America First (f/k/a Latinos for Trump) and their President, Bianca Gracia, and we wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate them on their successful transition and rebranding efforts where they have emerged stronger and more determined to support and defend our Constitution, our countrymen, our Veterans and First Responders.

This amazing team of patriots has blossomed under Bianca’s leadership.  We have worked together over the course of the last 5 years and are truly excited for what the future holds. Latinos for America First started as grassroots Latinos for Trump effort and it is due to Bianca’s front lines fearless style of leadership that the organization blossomed into a truly nationwide coalition. Bianca is loved by true American patriots like Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, and Scott Presler and is generally despised by the left because she doesn’t fit in their identity politics bubble due to her outspoken support of Legal Immigration. Just few short month ago Veterans for America First were invited to participate in McAllen Texas, where Bianca organized over 700 meals to be donated to Border Patrol agents. Bianca was, is and will continue to be a relentless defender of President Trump who she lovingly calls – “our Muchador”. In truth the conservative Latinos community found a true “Muchador” in Bianca Gracia. Endlessly loyal to her friends, allies, and our Nation’s Veterans she has proven time and again that Latinos are people of conservative values.

We are excited about all the great works we can and will be doing together!

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Finally, for more information on Veterans For America First or details on the ground-breaking organization’s grassroots work, and/or to support the Veterans For America First  mission in enforcing our shared America First agenda and policy initiatives nationwide, please refer to the official Veterans For America First website at: today!