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The following memo was sent to the GA SOS office.

June 5 , 2022

Georgia Secretary of State

Mr. Brad Raffensperger

214 State Capitol

Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Dear Mr. Raffensperger,

At Veterans for America First we are speaking for over 300,000 Veterans and First Responders in this country who follow our organization with a significant portion in the state of Georgia. The organization leadership has asked me to forward our request to your office.

On June 1st, 2022 the Dekalb County Voter Registration and Elections office released the results of a hand count in the district 2 Dekalb County Commission race. This hand count changed the initially reported results of the election. The press release does not explain the large discrepancy between the machine count on election night and the subsequent count. It also doesn’t explain the appearance of 2810 more votes case than were initially reported. One candidate votes total increased by 3620 and the other decreased by 1298.

On June 3, 2022– The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported “Georgia voting touchscreens vulnerable, cybersecurity agency finds”

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On May 16, 2002 – WSB-TV, the market leader in Georgia television

broadcasting, prematurely posted on their website artificial Georgia 2022 primary election results, most of which Garland Favorito at Voter GA has collected. The active webpage included artificial results for all statewide and U.S. Congressional races in the Georgia 2022 primaries.

Veterans For America First Georgia Endorsed Candidates Jill Trammel and Surrea Ivy both have ongoing court cases offering evidence either to decertify or audit their respective election results.

For all the aforementioned reasons, on behalf of our nations Veterans and First Responders, we request that you immediately order a forensic audit of all the ballots, not samples, Cast in the above three races with clear questions as to the accuracy of the results.

We also remind you office that previously on December 17, 2020 the Georgia Senate oversite committee issued what is referred to as the “Ligon Report” calling for a forensic audit, decertification of the presidential election results and prosecutions among other recommendations that your office did not follow through with. We expect you will not create a pattern of ignoring transparency requests to maintain voter confidence in the state of Georgia and issue a forensic audit of the three races in question this 2022 primary cycle.


Stan Fitzgerald

Chief Political Advisor VFAF.ORG

CC: Admiral Charles Kubic – VFAF National Spokesman

CC: Tom Homan- VFAF Advisory Board

CC: Tana Goertz – VFAF Ambassador

CC: Courtney Kramer – VFAF Ambassador

CC: Garland Favorito – VoterGA.Org

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