VFAF endorsed candidate Marci McCarthy has led the push in Georgia on getting SB 222 passed. In January 2023 it came to the attention of MARCI MCCARTHY, Dekalb Chair and VFAF endorsed candidate, that the DeKalb County Voter Registration and Elections office had indirectly received funding from a third party in a violation of the spirit of Georgia’s Elections Integrity Act 2021 (often referred to as SB202).  McCarthy took action to have this illegal funding investigated by the elections board, which on 2-24-23 was confirmed by Fox news as an open investigation, into 2 million from Zuckerberg funded groups. The Georgia State Senate was currently working on a bill to improve SB202 and based on McCarthy’s effort the senate included language to close the loophole used by the Zuckerberg group.

“The bill closes a loophole exploited by Zuckerburg ensuring election integrity” said Angie Wong VFAF national media rep and President of Legacy PAC.

On March 21st there was a concern as the bill was sent back to Governmental Affairs after having passed rules committee.  Veterans for Trump president Stan Fitzgerald (who is a founding partner of Legacy PAC) with VFAF Ambassador Donna Fitzgerald and Cooper Guyon met with McCarthy at the state capital and worked on mustering support for passing the bill.  The VFAF organization issued a press release calling on legislatures to pass the bill see :


The press release received a high volume of hits.

On March 27th SB 222 passed the house 100 to 69 after extensive on the ground work by candidate McCarthy and her ability to bring national backing and attention to the legislation through VFAF.

“ We look forward to the Governor signing this into law “ said VFAF Georgia state chapter President , and Legacy PAC founding partner , Jared Craig. 

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