Veterans for Trump name Cindy Martin, of Georgia, Hero of the month March 2023



Cindy Martin, the chairwoman of a “grassroots” parental rights group called the Mama Bears, won a federal First Amendment case against a school board which sought to silence them for exposing pornographic books that were available in the district’s schools: The court case and verdict received national media attention.

“Cindy Martin is an example to moms across America that we can take on Goliath and win” said Angie Wong Veterans for Trump national media rep. At Veterans for Trump, we represent our military and first responders, but we also want to acknowledge citizens across the country that fight for our values and protect our children.  Cindy Martin took a stand, when most turned a blind eye, to the liberal indoctrination occuring in our school systems. Mama bears won a victory for our constitutional freedoms that will set legal precedent across the nation and for this brave fight we consider Cindy an America hero and name her Hero of the Month

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