Veterans for Trump Spotlight Feature Interview: MIKE EDWARDS Retired MSG

At Veterans for Trump aka Veterans for America First we have initiated a monthly hero program as well as an ongoing spotlight feature program. 

In this interview we feature Veterans Retired MSG Mike Edwards to spotlight his work with several amazing ongoing operations he is involved in.


Edwards served 18 combat tours and while retired from service he never stopped fighting for freedom.  He has been involved in helping the veteran’s community, our allies, fighting human trafficking, feeding the hungry, rescuing children and donating significant portions of the income from his security firm to the cause.

Edwards has saved Christians from Afghanistan and recently rescued a an abducted child from a kidnapper in Massachusetts.  Just last week his team at the Kingsman saved Ashlynn Gill from her abductors.  

WATCH The interview here, we have also added Edwards recent Veterans Day Speech to the video. LINK:

Stan Fitzgerald with Mike Edwards

Ashlynn Gill, a 13-year-old girl, went missing on January 8. After more than a month had passed, Kingsman were notified of the case. Teams of Kidnap Recovery Agents, including former members of the Joint Special Operations Command descended on the area, leading to a positive outcome in the case.

Kingsman teams are comprised of specially trained investigators, intelligence agents, field agents – all fully equipped with cutting-edge technology. The nonprofit wing of USPA Nationwide Security since 2005, Kingsman Philanthropic Corp. (the division’s official name) derives its funds from profits of the security firm. Missing for a Month Ashlynn was Reunited with her Family Just 72 Hours after Kingsman Got Involved.

For more about how you can help go to : a non-partisan volunteer effort comprised of veterans & patriots seeking the safe evacuation for American, Afghan partners & at-risk Afghans out of Afghanistan.

For more about the Kingsman go to : Kingsman are not only security contractors, but they are also licensed private investigators, former detectives, special agents and military operators who locate victims of human trafficking and turn their findings over for prosecution.

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