Veterans for America First proudly endorses Rod Dorilas, Esq. for the 21st District of FL in the U S House of Representatives.

(August 9, 2021) Veterans for America First are honored to endorse Congressional Candidate Rod Dorilas, to be the next Representative of Florida’s 21st Congressional District.

Rod is a Navy Veteran, who has served his country all his life.  He has dedicated his time, his energy, and his extensive knowledge of the inner working of our government to fight for his constituents.

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About Rod Dorilas:

Rod is a first-generation American. Born to immigrant parents, who left Haiti to emigrate to the United States for a chance to establish themselves and build a better life.  As a result of their immigration, he grew up in the daily struggle that all legal immigrants face. The struggle to integrate into a new culture.  His parents started out picking crops, and eventually became small business owners, to achieve their American Dream.  In the process, they instilled Rod’s firm beliefs in the power of opportunity and the power of hard work.

Using his GI Bill, Rod went on to graduate from Syracuse University College of Law. After graduation, he was appointed President Donald J. Trump’s administration as Legal Counsel to the Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross. As the administrations’ term was winding down, Rod chose to open a law firm in West Palm Beach, FL. so that he could continue serving his community.

His campaign platform and his priority list once in office:

  • American First values
  • Fight for the hardworking Americans
  • Fight for the forgotten servicemen and women
  • Restoring the United States to being the land of opportunity and freedom.

GENERAL ELECTION ~ November 8, 2022

Donate to Rod’s campaign! Help him take back this amazing district from career politicians who do not support America First!  Help him to reinstate America First Values into South Florida

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