Veterans For America First and Pastor Mark Burns announce new partnership

(August 5, 2021) PRESS RELEASE – Shared interests and values have brought Veterans For America First (VFAF) and Pastor Mark Burns together. This partnership will aid in expanding ongoing efforts to benefit first responders and veterans.  These efforts were structured through the 4 Pillars of Community Development: wellness, jobs, housing and faith which are the bedrock of our decisions and our actions, and include:

  • Implementing ways to reduce high suicide rates
  • Provide transitioning skills for civilian life
  • Assist those who are homeless, or in unstable housing, into stable home-ownership
  • Minister to our peers and aide them to minister to their community
  • Reinforcing and promoting community and family
  • Fan the flames against complacency and mediocrity
  • Revitalize the fire of faith into the sword and shield of God

VFAF began as Vets for Trump and has transitioned into Veterans For America First. We are non-partisan, and we believe all Veterans and all First Responders, have earned the support and respect of their communities, We will continue to support them, regardless of political affiliations.

About VFAF:

VFAF is a national grassroots civil liberties and social welfare non-profit organization, whose primary objectives are promoting the welfare in veterans and first responder communities by advocating for the America First Policies emphasized by Thomas Jefferson.  Additionally, they provide education and advocacy as well as support for Veterans and First Responders across the nation.

       Pastor Burns’ interview with Mike Kelly

About Pastor Mark Burns:

Labeled by Time Magazine as “Donald Trump’s Top Pastor” and named one of the “16 People Who Shaped the 2016 Presidential Election” he is the Co-Founder & CEO of the NOW Television Network, a Christian television network based out of South Carolina that reaches 236 million homes in the US & 83 countries including sub-Saharan Africa & Western Europe on digital cable television, satellite, ROKU, Apple TV, Amazon & Android app online at

Donate to Veterans For America First and Pastor Burns’ efforts as “It takes a village” and we can not do this without your help!  Our village is working to help veterans and first responders and promote an America First Agenda.

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