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We are a non-partisan Civil Liberties and Social Welfare grassroots organization. We were established by U.S. Military combat veterans and we work in conjunction with veteran service organizations, nonprofits, corporate sponsors and government agencies to provide support and advocacy for veterans and first responders on national and local levels. Our primary directives are:

  1. Spearheading initiatives in veteran and first responder communities on a macro scale based on our ‘4 Pillars’: Housing, Jobs, Wellness and Faith.
  2. Honoring and supporting veterans and first responders, as well as their fraternal organizations, as well as those who provide essential services.
  3. Promoting the welfare of veterans and first responders by taking the best local ideas and scaling them up nationally.
  4. Helping veteran and first responder non-profit organizations raise funds.
  5. Advocating for limited government, as was intended by The Framers of The Constitution. Encouraging an honest and open dialogue on topics ranging from: economy, immigration, infrastructure, law, social programs, voting, foreign and national security policies



We need YOU. Get involved

America First - means taking care of those who have served. Our veterans and first responder brother and sisters

Housing, Jobs, Wellness and Faith; These are the pillars of success, stability and well-being in veteran and first responder communities. We are at the tip of the spear in each one of these initiatives with ground-breaking innovative approaches to the issues. Get involved.

We are a national grassroots organization. We have volunteers, donors and members all over the country. Our thought process is simple – we are LOYAL to YOU, The American People. We would rather have thousands of small monthly donations from patriots, than be dependent on big money interests. We accept all forms of donations: legacy donations, vehicle and RV, land and supply donations. We are fully transparent on how we use the proceeds. None of our board members draw salaries. Donate today, or become a member – your membership allows us to run sustainable operations.

Our freedoms granted to us by God and the Constitution are unassailable and paramount to maintaining and growing our country. We  support businesses and individuals who believe in these same values. 

Meet and join our Ambassador Team. We are asking every Veteran, First Responder and Patriot influencer to enlist in a civilian army formed to fight for our civil liberties as they were intended by The Framers of The Constitution.

Endorsements for candidates and organizations across the Nation. We are very selective and never endorse candidates based on their likelihood of winning, or organizations based on their prestige. Values come first.



Volunteer or Intern with us

Veterans for America First needs you! We offer unique internship opportunities

We’re excited that you’re interested in helping our Veterans and First Responders. Come join our team and help out with our rewarding volunteer and intern opportunities.

Please click Volunteer Application button, fill out form and click submit upon completion.

Our current volunteer opportunity needs can be found HERE.