Our organization find it’s origins in the Summer of 2015. When first veterans started to take interest in Trump due to his outspokenness about the crisis on the southern border. Many of our veterans serve as border patrol agents so this was a conversation that resonated closely with their hearts. First Veterans for Trump Facebook pages and a websites were established by Mike KellyVladimir Lemets and Thomas Dillingham. The initial groups of military combat veterans, first responders and patriots got together to form what would become known as Veterans for Trump Grassroots Movement in Summer of 2016.

Our organization back then was not what it is now,  and it mainly focused on the political aspects of things. We have come a long way, the movement eventually has grown into a national alliance  with over half a million followers spread throughout several social media pages, all under one banner. We united many veteran and first responder enclaves under centralized command with decentralized execution. That was the beginning. Former president Trump has shown us that we can win, that we can unite and do the right thing for our country despite what the globalists have planned. We will always remember our roots, and that is why organizationally – as we are shifting our focus away from politics and into Civil liberties and social welfare – we have decided to keep the ‘Vets for Trump’ alive as a club for all who were proud of our 45h president. 

The ‘Vets for Trump club’ is NOT involved in any way shape or form in the current administration and decision making within our organization. 

Following the 2020 elections, Vlad Lemets was instrumental in re-branding Vets for Trump into Veterans for America First 501c4 Civil liberties Organization and shifting it’s focus. In 2021 by unanimous decision, of the entire executive board of Veterans For America First – Vlad Lemets was selected as the organization’s national chairman and hired as the president. Following his appointment Vlad has immediately passed a motion to create an apolitical sister organization dedicated to philanthropy in veteran and first responder communities. A notice to operate a 501c3 We Who Served Foundation was filed shortly after.

As our organization changed gears and shifted our focus on bettering Veteran and First Responder lives – we extended scope of our ambitions, reach and influence in the community, moving forward, as “Veterans for America First”. In doing so our we shifted the majority of our attention on advocating and supporting America’s true Heroes. 

Below you will see some of the media from the “Vets for Trump Club”. And if you would like to join the club – here is the link – CLUB


'Veterans for Trump' Origins Club Media