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@NurseErin appears on OAN

(May 6, 2021) SUNSET BEACH, FL– @NurseErin from ‘Global Front Line Nurses’ appears live on OANN national television network with Real America on OANN with host Dan Ball on Thursday, May 6, 2021. @NurseErin is a combat veteran as well as an Official Veterans for America First Ambassadors. Featured on her interview, Erin discussed the terrifying results to vaccinating pregnant women and the unknown side effects to both the mothers and the unborn babies, which may lead to permanent birth defects, harm the baby- both directly and indirectly- with particular emphasis from secondary exposure to people being vaccinated.

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‘Veterans For America First’ Celebrates Asian-American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Despite the ‘official’ status of this national holiday, Veterans For America First celebrates this integral demographic and advocates for diversity every single day of the year. Press Secretary Kristie Tertel- an Australian-American dual citizen, adds; “I want to express my sincere gratitude for all of the hard work and dedication to preserve and protect the Asian-American and Pacific Islander heritage and encouraging a diverse environment throughout all of the organization’s activities and policy initiatives.”

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‘Veterans For America First’ Rebranding: Updated Press/Media Contact Information

To get in touch with our 2021 dedicated team of staffers, ambassadors and volunteers, please refer to the most recent list of updated contact information listed below, inter alia:
• President Vlad Lemets: [email protected]
• Press Secretary Kristie Tertel: [email protected]
• Media Inquiries/Booking Requests/General Public Relations: [email protected]
• Official 2021 Website: www.VeteransForAmericaFirst.org
• General Comments/Questions (Main Office): Tel. No.#: +1 (610) 442- 4628
• Official 2021 Social Media Accounts: @VeteransForAmericaFirst (all platforms)

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CALL TO ACTION: Requesting Signatures on 3 ‘Latinos For America First’ Official Online Petitions Demanding Investigation, Transparency and Accountability of All January 6 Defendants in DOJ Custody

April 28, 2021) – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE– First and foremost, the Executive Board of Director’s of ‘Latinos For America First’ and ‘Latinos For Trump’ Grassroots Coalitions issues the following joint-press release to publicly acknowledge and bestow the proud collaboration with sister-organization- ‘Veterans For America First’ and ‘Veterans For Trump´ Grassroots Coalitions- and announce the creation of three (3) ‘Call To Actions’ listed- with updated link to each petition’s individual website requiring signature- and attached as enclosures below, infra.

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