VFAF Endorsement of Congressman Mark Alford for 2024 Re-Election




Veterans for Trump announces the endorsement of Congressman Mark Alford for his re-election in the 2024 cycle. 

Congressman Alford is Trump endorsed and recently was honored by the President with a Mar-A-Lago event.  VFAF President Stan Fitzgerald, VFAF Ambassador Donna Fitzgerald and VFAF National media rep Angie Wong attended the event at the invitation of the congressman.  Congressman Alford also spoke at the Legacy PAC kickoff event earlier this month as a featured speaker in DC. Legacy PAC is partnered with VFAF and its ethos include preserving the Legacy of President Donald Trump.

“Congressman Alford clearly represents the America First agenda; he is a true patriot and we will support him throughout his service to we the people, “said Stan Fitzgerald

“Mark worked for 35 years as a local news anchor, and his coverage was honest and fair, unlike the Corrupt Fake News, which continues to divide and destroy our Great Country,” President Trump said in a statement.

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