National Veterans Chaplain Corp launches with Joshua Macias named president.



VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – April 26, 2023 – PRLog — By Veterans for Trump : Joshua Macias , one of the founders of Veterans for Trump 2015 , has officially launched the Chaplin Corps.  The Chaplain Corps is committed to bringing Pastors, Priests, and Chaplains to the forefront of veteran and first responder issues across this Nation.

The concept was derived from the faith pillar of Veterans for America First and the organization floated the idea by Eric Trump in August 2022 who approved of the concept. Some preliminary work was done laying a foundation for the concept with commitments from high profile priests and pastors and after intensive planning the national website has launched

At the heart of the National Veteran and First Responder Chaplain Corps is the belief in the inherent connection between faith and healing. Recognizing that the challenges faced by veterans and first responders go beyond the physical, this organization understands the critical role that spirituality can play in the recovery and restoration process. Through a diverse network of veteran and first responder chaplains, who bring with them a deep understanding of the unique struggles faced by those who have served, the organization provides a safe and compassionate space for individuals to find solace, guidance, and strength. Visit

Similar to the current launch of VFAF State Chapters, the Chaplain Corp will initiate a state chapter program to better focus on the local needs of our veterans , those interested in owning and operating the license should contact attorney Jared Craig at [email protected]

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